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A Fitzroy Gardens Affair

Priscilia and Yakubu just make the most glamorous couple, don't cha think? Can you believe that this is the first time they had met each other?

I'm new to styled shoots, but was desperate to do a shoot in the iconic Fitzroy Gardens and had a bit of a vision I was keen to fulfil. I approached Priscilia first- she is an A+ model with bucket loads of experience for her age, a good sense of humour and is very quick to laughter. One of my favourite qualities! Yakubu just oozes style, ease and grace and could get along with a rock if he had to. The perfect pairing for a styled shoot on a lovely but somewhat chilly Winters day.

Alicia from Louella Makeup is responsible for Priscilia's natural bridal hair and makeup (, and did some magic with an airbrush, the likes of which I haven't seen since regular spray tan days on the Gold Coast. (We're going back at least ten years here...) It was a blast from the past and also absolutely incredible to see how it created such beautiful yet natural looking coverage.

My pal Caitlin, from Lady of Love Weddings ( joined us in a mock ceremony which was basically just laughter coming from every direction.

It was an entirely joyous affair!!

Plus Caitlyn has got the best style. She nails this sparkly pink two piece like the absolute queen she is!

Styled shoots are amazing, because you get to take a bit of extra time, experiment with angles, get to know and explore a new venue (or in this case, park), and create some beautiful images all the while.

The goal, as ever, is to tell a story through photography. Here is a visual story of Priscilia and Yakubu!

The end... for now...

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