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An afternoon in Preston with Kate and Connor...

I approached Kate and Connor recently to gauge their interest in collaborating on a couples #photoshoot. They were keen. 

Kate and I met several months prior when I shot a fashion campaign that she was modelling in. The day arrived, and I drove to their home in Preston. 

The smell of incense was in the air. Connor paused his game of fortnight and then I got a grand tour of their charming and well loved home. 

We ventured out to grab a bagel and some #coffee at their favourite hole in the wall cafe #ZenArcade. We talked about their latest project, fencing lessons and parenting techniques. 

Then our photographic adventure really began. It turns out that Preston is equal parts #beautiful and #urban

Here are a couple of highlights from our first alleyway experience:

What I love about Kate and Connor is their willingness to play and experiment. My experience of photography is becoming less and less about the final photo or the end result and more and more about the experience. That old cliched saying 'it's about the journey not the destination' is ringing true for me. I find my lens reveals what is already there. In this case it's a couple who are in love and aren't afraid to have a good time. 

The adventure continues...

When I was in my early teens, my girlfriends and I would walk around my suburb taking photos of each other. What I didn't know then was that that experience would pay off more than ten years down the track... There is nothing I love more than exploring with my camera in hand. Having a couple of rad local tour guides simply enhances that experience!

And the last stop was an empty lot. I mean, it would've been rude not to... 

And that my friends is one helluva way to spend an afternoon!!

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