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Sue and Mike's Melbourne Wedding, March 2019

March in Melbourne, Australia can be hot. I mean it can be really, really #HOT. Sue and Mike were married on the 2nd of March at Medway Golf Course in Melbourne's western suburbs. In. 40. Degree. Heat. A wedding of to remember. And they did it with grace and charm like the champions that they are!

It was a beautiful, intimate celebration and merging of family and friends, old and new. This was Mike's second marriage, and a highlight for me was his son as co-MC. (It's no secret that I'm a sucker for vows and speeches, and these were ALL on point!) #lovedup

Sue and Mike also brought their three dogs to the wedding to escort the page boy and flower girl down the aisle. West Highland Terriers in flower wreaths are my new favourite thing. They were a little camera shy, but let me tell you, they were a crowd pleaser. Dogs at weddings? Yes please. Every time! #dogsatweddings #ilovedogs

Mike plays golf at Medway Golf Club every Sunday, so it was only fitting that their wedding take place at this familiar, special and beautiful location. Strolling through the greens for their portrait session was fun, and I overcame the overwhelming desire to 'borrow' a buggy and go on a joy ride.

I love it when the ceremony is at the same venue as the reception. Not only is it convenient for the guests, but it also makes the ceremony-portrait-reception transition for the couple very smooth and fuss-free. And its also makes the commute to champagne that little bit faster!

Sue and Mike's reception was nothing short of beautiful. And boy can they dance!!! The food was delicious, the speeches and MCs were highly entertaining and the DJ played banger after banger, enticing both the young and the elderly to the dance floor. #dancefloor #lit

There was so much love in the room and I was so honoured to be a part of their big day.

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