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The New Normal

Quarantine. A term I never really understood or thought about until this year. And what a life changing term it is. Living in Melbourne, Australia is amazing at any time of the year and I am so grateful to be locked down in this part of the world. In the last 2 months however, my life, like so many people around me, has changed completely. I've never really been one who 'slows down' well. I'm a go-go-go type of person, so being forced to stay home has been a breath of fresh (albeit forced) air, and at the same time, utterly challenging.


Things I'm loving:

-Sleeping in

-Baking treats constantly

-Eating said treats constantly


-Catching up on every Netflix series ever

-More time with David

Things keeping me sane:

-Going for walks. Every. Damn. Day

-Writing in my journal at night (I've been journalling on and off forever, but I find myself much more grounded and aware of the good things when I write)

-Not putting pressure on myself to do or make or show up. Just taking each day as it comes.

-My portrait project. I started it as soon as my work stopped, not realising how long we would be here. So far, I haven't missed a day, and I'll do a seperate blog post on that because it's something I'm pretty proud of.


I've really relished in finding the beauty around me. I live in the residential, inner city suburb of Flemington, and while I love living here, I've never thought of it as particularly cool or beautiful. I've always wanted to live in Collingwood or Brunswick or Fitzroy where it feels like Melbourne's artistic heartbeat is being born and reborn every minute. But I've become more and more grateful for my hood. It's a comfort walking these streets. And I have found so much beauty that in ordinary life I may have missed. Here is some of what I've seen:

Thanks for reading. Stay safe, stay sane. And if you need anything at all, please reach out!

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