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These guys have got it all!

I met with Trav and Davie on a lovely brisk winter morning, and my first impression was that they are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Their love and respect for one another was apparent from the first. Pipemaker's Park in Melbourne's inner West made the perfect backdrop to capture their family of three.

Introducing Toby:

So it turns out that Trav and Davie found out the very day we met that their adoption of Toby had Just. Been. Approved! This was cause for celebration. They had had him for almost a whole year at this point, so naturally, this news brought great joy.

I love dogs, very much, and used to live with some friends who had a beagle, so meeting Toby was a big old treat. He was the goodest boy, very attentive to his humans, and very spoiled by lots of treats. A highlight was his champagne-timed-treat-bowl.

It's such a privilege to capture moments that would ordinarily only happen in private, and with these two love birds, we got it all. The nervous giggles, the affection, the adoration, and that deep guttural laughter that you can't control. The very best kind!

Here's a series of my favourites from the day.

Thank you for letting me capture your love story! <3

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