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Complete Works Theatre Company Podcast -

The Crucible and The Dressmaker. Hosted by Jack Dixon-Gunn

How Do You Do You Podcast -

Hosted by Matt Smolen


'Wow, what a thrilling ride. In Love With Ally Barker is an incredibly intense coming of age feature. Both actors Laura Jane Turner (Ally) and Sarah Clarke (Sara) are mesmerising. Indie filmmaking at its best.'  

Best Duo - LA Film Awards


SEMI CHARMED – Writer / Performer


‘Semi Charmed is set in Daphne’s bedroom. The love of her life has left (‘I didn't see the end until it was already over’), and she is taking tentative steps toward finding a new soul-mate. A budding author, Daphne works in a book-store—and it appears that she is spending a lot of her time in the romance section. Having ‘met’ the new David through Tinder, she is gearing up for their first encounter: telling her mum, selecting the right outfit, and researching tips as to what to expect. As a ‘fly-on-the-wall we have a chance to hear her hopes and dreams, listen to the development of her ‘romance’ with David “one button at a time,” and enjoy a range of musical interjections. The show is a funny, revealing, and quite touching portrayal—illustrated with a number of very well-chosen songs (Director Emily Joy, Musical Director Janine Atwill). I particularly enjoyed ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’, and I am sure every woman in the room laughed as they recognized their own attempts to fit into the ‘right’ outfit. The comic-timing was perfect and the writing spot-on.’

TERMINUS by Mark O'Rowe - Performer

“… holds the audience in suspense to the very end …takes you on twists and turns like a fast car ride … both gut wrenching and fantastic. With the essence of authentic storytelling, North of Eight deliver an epic performance with keen attention to the language, allowing the voices of the characters and the writer to shine.”


‘Actors Emma Louise Pursey, Scott Major and Sarah Clarke show mastery of their craft, drawing on deep empathy with their characters. They deliver the challenging prose and Irish drawl with confidence.’


‘Raw, vulgar, and tender — and at times very personable’

OPHELIA THINKS HARDER by Jean Betts - Performer


‘A fine cast of dedicated actors fill the length and breadth of this enchanting production. Clarke’s Ophelia is whimsical yet defiant… this is an entertaining theatrical experience that is rollickingly good fun’  


‘Piper, Leigh Scully (Hamlet) and Sarah Clarke (Ophelia) give life to the text, transcending the gap between the 17th century and now.’


‘Sarah Clarke takes on the role of Ophelia with stunning conviction and the ability to draw the audience into her mind like no other… Clarke gave new life to Ophelia and struggled alongside her, her pain ringing in the silence and her determination booming with her voice.’


BOMBSHELLS by Joanna Murray Smith - Director 

'I was mesmerised.'


Director Sarah Clarke says, “Bombshells is important because it disproves some of the feminine stereotypes that we are constantly grappling with in today’s world. It takes the word ‘bombshell’ and flips it on its head, and instead, we’re left with real women dealing with real life, to screamingly funny results.” 

The all-female artist-led theatre company have adapted the play from playwright Joanna Murray-Smith to produce something remarkable, relatable and riotously funny.



Director Sarah Clarke says, "Coming off the back of our year of women and diversity on stage, it's exciting to tell stories that are entertaining AND important AND told by women. The characters are individuals and they are flawed, but they cope. They have to. They are real women in moments of hilarious chaos and we're right there with them as they navigate the turmoil.

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