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In Home Lifestyle Session!

Over the weekend, I got to meet Charles and Ingrid's darling baby girl, Sage. They invited me into their home, with the brief of 'candid'. Nothing posed, nothing formal, just as they are.

As I arrived, Sage was just waking up - perfect timing, sister! <3

She had a bite to eat (thanks Mum), and then she got down to business. AKA some serious cuddles!

It is so special to be invited into someone's home with permission to capture life as you see it. It helps when the home in question (and the people for that matter) make for a beautiful picture. I feel a certain level of privilege mixed with fly-on-the-wall-creepiness when I shoot in such a way, but, and maybe I'm biased here, the images speak for themselves.

Welcome to the world, Sage! (I'm 19 weeks late, but it still counts, right!?)

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